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Staff Directory

Eagle Lake Primary School
600 Johnnie D. Hutchins
Eagle Lake, TX 77434
(979) 234-3531 ext. 1300
Pre K - 2nd Grade

Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff
Vera Cleveland Principal
Alejandra Cano Secretary
Amber Cunningham Office Staff
Lisa Hoelscher Counselor
Theresa Stanley Nurse
Vicki Polak ESL
Cherrie McCain Reading Facilitator
Teaching Staff
Nicole Garland Pre Kindergarten Teacher
Sarah McGrath Pre Kindergarten Teacher
Eva Smith Pre Kindergarten Teacher
Michael Canaris Kindergarten Teacher
Dana Pagano Kindergarten Teacher
Alyson Sloan Kindergarten Teacher
Shannon Gold 1st Grade Teacher
Charlet Janow 1st Grade Teacher
Maricella Machala 1st Grade Teacher
Penny Tyler 2nd Grade Teacher
Carrie Williamson 2nd Grade Teacher
Julie Foytik 2nd Grade Teacher
Misty Green Special Education Teacher
Hannah Schoppe Music Teacher
Savannah Konvicka Art Teacher
Doyle Kornegay PE Coach
Paraprofessional Staff
Sylvia Gonzalez Library
Mary Ann Toriz Computer Labs
Nihla Perry PPCD Aide
Lawanda Ware PPCD Aide
Lucero Marquez Pre Kindergarten Aide
Molly Valdez Pre Kindergarten Aide
Cecily Rodriguez Kindergarten Aide
Mercy Fling Special Education Aide
Jason Rodriguez PE Aide
Food Services Staff
  Cafeteria Manager
Debra Shropshire Cafeteria Staff
  Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Staff
RD Kuykendall Maintenance
Demetria Aiken Custodian
Terri Perry Custodian
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